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Xtreme Eyelash Extensions

What are they?Xtreme Eyelash Extensions are individually attached synthetic polyester eyelashes. They come in 15 different colors, 4 different thicknesses, 3 different curls, 13 different lengths, which allows for xtreme customizing.

How are they applied? You lie on a comfortable, heated table, with full neck support while quiet music plays in the background. We place a hydrating under eye gel pad over your lower lashes and then using tweezers seperate and isolate an individual lash and apply the eye lash extension on. The lashes are attached 1 mm away from the base of the natural lash to ensure a flawless look.

Are they safe? Absolutely, Xtreme Eyelash Extensions are 100% safe causing no damage to you or your lashes. Since the lash is attached 1 mm away from the base of the lash the glue never comes in to contact with the skin. Less than 1 % off people ever have a reaction to the glue. If you are allergic to latex hypoallergenic latex-free tape is used instead of the hydrating under eye gel pads.

What is the difference between a certified level 1 stylist and an Advanced Stylist? To become an advanced stylist you are required to take more training and show a higher level of technical ability to become a Certified Advanced Lash Stylist. An advanced lash stylist has more training in design, using color to enhance someone, and an advanced attachment technique that helps the lashes hold better and last longer. Amy performs 40 + hours of eyelash application each week.

What can the lashes do for me? Eyelash extensions are truly amazing. Beyond adding length, thickness, and curl to your natural lashes they can change the shape of your eyes. They can open up sunken eyes, make round eyes more oval, enhance blue eyes, bring green out in hazel eyes, diffuse redness in cheeks, and make yellowy eyes more white! Not to mention that you can swim in them, sleep in them, sweat in them and it always looks like you have perfectly styles, perfectly curled, utterly perfect lashes and looks like you are wearing make up no matter what!

How long do they last? The lashes are individually attached to one of your own natural lashes, therefore when your own natural lash sheds the eyelash extension comes off with your lash. Depending on your health, age, natural hair growth cycle, and your care of the eyelash extensions will vary how long you will go in between appointments. The average is a 60 minute touch up every 3 weeks.

How do I care for the lashes? Maintenance is low for these lashes; do not get them wet for 48 hours after an application, avoid heavy oils and strong acids, keep rubbing your eyes to a minimum. There are recommended products that are low in acids and oils helping to protect the glue bond.

What is my first step in getting eyelash extensions? You may book for a Full Set of Lashes, which is your initial appointment. This is a 3 hour appointment. Amy will do a one hour consult and design session. She will cover all the in's and out's of having lashes as well as show you her portfolio and talk about what you want to achieve through eyelash extensions. You then will lie on the table for 2 hours to receive your full set, most people fall asleep it is so relaxing. 

How do I sign up? You can call us now or book online!