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Our Green Feet

We care about the environment and our place within it.

While not everything we have to do (due to legal guidelines) can be environmentaly friendly we try to do our part to maintain a healthy world.

Some of the things we do:

- All of our products come in recyclable containers

- All of our product lines use vegetable dye in their labeling.

- No parabens or preservatives in our skin care lines

- No fragrances in our skin care lines

- Utilize environmentally safe cleaning products (where we can, per State Board Requirements)

- We recycle whenever possible

- We are in the process of changing over all of our documents and bags to recycled products

Have a suggestion? We'd love to hear it. Call, text, or email Amy ways to better her spa, you and the world we live in!

919-805-0634 or [email protected]